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Borough Market Cookbook Club - 'Appetites - a cookbook' by Anthony Bourdain

If you know anything about Anthony Bourdain it will most likely be for one of these things: his best-selling, gloriously gritty Kitchen Confidential chef’s-eye exposé of the reality of restaurant life; his food and travel TV shows which celebrated culinary cultures across the world; or just his general public persona as either ‘wild’ or ‘charismatic’ depending on your point of view. It is unlikely to be for this collection by Bourdain of his home-cooking recipes - but it is this book that gives a greater insight into what Bourdain was really like behind the celebrity.

He describes it as being full of, “… things my mom fed me, things I liked or loved to eat during the happier moments of my life - the kind of food memories I like to share with my daughter - along with a few greatest hits from my travels and some boiled-down wisdom…”.  Finding out what the Cookbook Club make of Anthony Bourdain should be as fascinating as it will be delicious.