Chargrilled vegetables are layered up inside a loaf along with mozzarella or burrata, fresh herbs and capers making this perfect for a summer’s picnicas it is so easy to transport. The vibrant colours as you slice it are their own blast of sunshine.

Radishes are so often eaten raw but take on a mellower flavour when cooked. This recipe makes use of their peppery leaves and partners with other seasonal highlights - new potatoes, fennel and wet garlic. It is great as a side dish for meat or fish.  

(When the wet garlic season is over, use three garlic cloves instead - crush then and add to the pan at the same time as the fennel.)

This beautiful flecked-green soup is a bowl of Spring flavours.  And like many a Spring day it can be warm or chilled.  For a heartier meal I like to serve the soup with slices of a strong, hard cheese on oatcakes.

This aillade of pestled walnuts, garlic and vinegar is mixed with warmed cannellini beans, chopped tomatoes and torn basil leaves to have as an accompaniment or a meal.  Serve it warm with a lamb chop and a handful of rocket; as a salad with watercress; add some slices of chorizo sausage fried just long enough to release their oils; or pile onto toast.